Sunday, September 9, 2007

9/8/07 - Stavely, The Orange, Great Raven

omigod, i hate the effin' cavern. spune - please, fortheloveofgod, find somewhere else.

nearly came face to face with the barkin dog Avi Adelman - walked by as he filmed a car being towed away. jesus christ, dude, find a hobby.

Timothy Moffett - one-man band: drum machine and some sort of electronic guitar/keyboard contraption. reminded me of jean-michael jarre's stuff - very 80's.
Stavely - 4-man, all with X's on their hands. amazing stuff. great voice on lead - a real natural. loved all the songs, and not one cover to be found. CD coming soon, they tell me. looking forward to seeing them again. made the night for me.
The Orange - 5-man, plus mannequins. hard to describe the music style, just good-timey jangly pop rock. didn't see evidence of the whole psychedelic thing, myself. high-energy lead - even knocked the lights out. lead vocals a tad reedy, even a little emo? 3rd or 4th song in was a top 40 cover - ugh.
Great Raven - 5-man, plus chick backup singer. lead wore goofy beret/newsboy hat and pained expression. some songs overtly bluesy (SRV-ish). pretty good, just didn't connect. couldn't get past the stupid-ass hat (kidding).