Tuesday, November 18, 2008

11/15/08 - I Love Math, The Slack, The Cut*off, Dave Little, Sparklepussy Barbie, Dark Knights of Camelot

headed to dada last saturday to catch salim's showcase. was accompanied (and driven (yes!)) by the Green-Eyed Greek Gal, who had managed to leave her family behind in an attempt to relive her glory days in deep ellum.

i ended up having a pretty rough night, because someone kept force-feeding me drinks (i think she wanted to take advantage of me). so i don't remember a whole lot, but i have some crappy pics, so...

Dark Knights of Camelot from Mississippi started things off. weren't even on the original line-up, but they were a very nice surprise. really liked these guys. 3-man band, high-energy, great tunes. catch them if you can.next up was Sparklepussy Barbie, and ohmygawd, no thank you. 80's electro-synth goth industrial. extremely annoying vocals. not my thing at all. we retreated to the (freezing-cold) patio for some respite. GrEGG kept going on and on about being strong like a bull, but i don't know what she was talking about. it was at this point that things got very fuzzy. i do remember some of dave little's set - i enjoyed that, would like to see him again. very entertaining. apparently, the cut*off played, since i have pics of them. GrEGG confirms, and says she liked them quite a bit - i knew she would - that's her kinda thing, and they are very good.and i think the slack played as well - i have a pic with eric neal in it, and he's in the slack, so...the last band we saw was I Love Math. or i should say, GrEGG saw - i was indisposed. she didnt care for them (thot they were too full of themselves), and since her live-music chops weren't what they used to be, she forced me to leave early.
good times, good times.