Friday, March 21, 2008

Saturday picks

i'll be enjoyin spring break with my chirren saturday night, but if i wasn't, i would be gettin my ass kicked by dave, fred and the boys of the felons at the (mother-effin) cavern:
don't miss it, folks - you will regret it if you do

and if that show wasn't goin on, i would prolly be in denton to see roberto gomez at dan's:

and if yer in the fort worth are-ola, see telegraph canyon at lola's:


Go vote for Lovie

You really should vote for Lovie in the Quick battle of the bands. To be honest, I haven't caught them live yet, but they have a reputation for putting on a great live show, and i do like what i hear on myspace. plus which, i think B&BL sucks balls (see my reviews here and here). well, ok, maybe that's overstating it a bit - i did dig their music, but how a band with such a flawed lead vocalist (hey, this guy agrees with me) can make it to the final round is beyond me. go vote.