Tuesday, February 3, 2009

1/31/09 - Los Campesinos, Titus Andronicus

headed to dada on saturday, with no one in tow (sniff).

first up was Titus Andronicus, from Joisey. pretty good stuff. some nice jangly, energetic punk-influenced rock. vocals not my favorite, but they fit the band.
headlining was Los Campesinos!, from Wales (a country right next to England, we were informed - who knew?), who must be sorta famous or something, being as how there was a $14 cover charge and everything. 7 folks on stage, including a violin player, and you knows i'm a sucker for bands with violin players. lead singer played a cymbal and bells to add to the mayhem, and it seemed like vocal duties were shared by two or three band members, which mixed things up nicely. pretty good stuff. very high-spirited, catchy, melodic-yet-noisy pop. noticed several fans in the audience, singin along with each song. pretty fun set.