Monday, September 24, 2007

9/22/07 - Fishboy, etc.

OK, so I didn't make it to the City Tavern after all to see The Chemistry Set. I wasn't into the other two acts, plus I found out about the free show at J&J's. Why do they keep their shows such a secret, btw? No website, nothing on pegasusnews - I found out about it in the comments section of weshotjr (from fishboy, actually). Anyways:

Cartwheels in Central Park - one-man band: dude with a bass guitar and a Mac. nice songs, actually, for what he was working with. talked too much. kept forgetting his own lyrics. but not bad.

Satin Hooks - 3-man band from Houston. nice straight-ahead protest rock - said something about the federal reserve and new orleans or something. high energy. good stuff.

The Dimes - four-man from Houston. Dug these guys a lot. Kind of The Strokes meets Arcade Fire? Great music, couldn't really hear the vocals.

Fishboy - enjoyable, fun nerd-pop. have to get used to his voice.

this was my first time a J&J's - nice place, but not exactly a first-rate sound system, by any means. whaddaya expect for free, eh?