Thursday, April 17, 2008

4/16/08 - Ella Minnow, Siberian, RTB2, Here In Arms

here's a shorthand version of my trip report - i'll fill in the rest later (or maybe i won't):

went to hailey's on wednesday night (ya, flyin solo), since i'll be out of town this weekend - gotta feed the beast, you know.

short people EVERWHERE. nice and squishy female ones, too. mmmmm...
played everbody's favorite game, 'Guess Who's the Lead Singer's Girlfriend'. i won.

Here, In Arms - 4-man. outstanding bluesy folky rock, great voice on lead. crowd-pleasing, bluesy rockin tunes. would definitely like to hear again.

RTB2 - 2nd time to see - one dude wif electric guitar, plus drums. good bluesy sorta guitar rock. this was a case where i could tell the dude was really talented and what-not, but i just could not wait for it to end. last song a BEATING - lots of musical masturbation, had like a 6 minute jam session in the middle of it.

Siberian, from seattle. 5-man: 2 guitars, keys (which i never heard), bass, drums. started off with some nice rockin wall-of-sound stuff, but tailed off quick - kept hopin/waitin to get my ass kicked, but they just never quite did. songs a bit too "nice". nice falsetto on lead, nice harmonies from bass player, fantastic lead guitar player. some really pretty indie pop, but i was just in the mood to get my guts ripped out, and they just wasnt the ones to do it. they did finish with some more wall-of-sound goodness, tho.

ella minnow - 5-man: 2 guitars, bass, keys/sax, drums. really talented group, great musicianship, some really rockin tunes, but i just couldn't get into it. couldn't really tell you why, but it had somethin to do with the song structure, or lack thereof. kinda jam-band territory sometimes, heard some GYBE. vocals good, but all over the place, and i guess i just like a bit more structure to my songs. 3 or 4 songs in, i realized i wasn't gonna get into it, and it was 1:10 in the fuckin mornin, so i split.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

4/10/08 - Laura Palmer, They Mean Us, Riyad, Tiger!

being as how it was thursday night and all, i headed down to dada for my midweek fix. wasn't really sure aboot goin, but after havin a couple Tsing-has with the Piledriver (aka Glow-in-the-Dark Lefty) after work, it sounded like a damn fine idear.

nice to see amanda and josh back in town, after a much-needed break. always enjoy talkin with them. good people.

first up was Tiger!, artist in residence for April. Once again, i dug what i heard - nice, melancholy piano playin and a soulful voice. got to hear his original material this time - nice, though there didn't seem to be a whole lot of it. heard the same covers as last time. have to say, it did drag on just a bit - he seemed to run out of material, and kept askin the crowd what they wanted to hear, and they had nothin (i tried Rufus, be he didnt know any).

after he was done, i for some reason ('tho it might've been the alcohol) thought it would be a good idea to walk the three miles (kidding) over to the Allgood Cafe, where i knew Romp Almighty was playin. i had almost gone to that show to begin with, being as how i loves me some Romp Almighty, but there were too many uncertainties aboot the show, so i ended up at dada instead. anyways, by the time i got there they were done, and Laura and Trey were sitting outside on the porch. and yes, as you can imagine, the incoherent babbling began. i went on and on about how much i loved their set at haileys a while back (see review here), how she almost made me cry that night, etc. etc. really enjoyed talking to her, i mean, them. i'm pretty sure she said they had a full-length coming out soon - lookin forward to that. they also apparently play every monday at the barley house, so i'm gonna have to add that to my schedule one of these weeks (like, tomorrow, maybe?).

back at dada, Riyad was just about done. solo acoustic dude wif dreads and all. umm, not so much. did not have what you'd call a pleasant sanging voice, sang a lot of fast-talk-singy sorta protesty folk stuff. not my thang. and his closer, a protest-folk-style medley of hip-hop songs, has got to go. not sure who is supposed to enjoy that.

next up was They Mean Us, from McAllen. 5-man instrumental band - guitars, bells/violin, drums. 'twas ok and nice and all, but if you're gonna be totally instrumental, you really gotta have somethin special, at least to catch and keep my attention (like Mom, or D Numbers). they did play some nice atmospheric, lush tunes - just nothin i could get really excited about.

last up was Laura Palmer. holy shit, what a hoot. just her (wearing a giant indian headdress) on acoustic, plus a drummer who sometimes sang back-up. totally hilarious, catchy, clever pop songs about a great variety of oh-so-inappropriate topics ("he's got a hipster hairdo and he's kind of a rapist. once, twice, three times a rapist"). had me in stitches. check out her myspace for a sampling of her wit. "i wanna dance on the belly of god and queef right in his eye". now that's not somethin you're gonna hear too often out there. loved it.

that's it. see you out there...