Thursday, April 17, 2008

4/16/08 - Ella Minnow, Siberian, RTB2, Here In Arms

here's a shorthand version of my trip report - i'll fill in the rest later (or maybe i won't):

went to hailey's on wednesday night (ya, flyin solo), since i'll be out of town this weekend - gotta feed the beast, you know.

short people EVERWHERE. nice and squishy female ones, too. mmmmm...
played everbody's favorite game, 'Guess Who's the Lead Singer's Girlfriend'. i won.

Here, In Arms - 4-man. outstanding bluesy folky rock, great voice on lead. crowd-pleasing, bluesy rockin tunes. would definitely like to hear again.

RTB2 - 2nd time to see - one dude wif electric guitar, plus drums. good bluesy sorta guitar rock. this was a case where i could tell the dude was really talented and what-not, but i just could not wait for it to end. last song a BEATING - lots of musical masturbation, had like a 6 minute jam session in the middle of it.

Siberian, from seattle. 5-man: 2 guitars, keys (which i never heard), bass, drums. started off with some nice rockin wall-of-sound stuff, but tailed off quick - kept hopin/waitin to get my ass kicked, but they just never quite did. songs a bit too "nice". nice falsetto on lead, nice harmonies from bass player, fantastic lead guitar player. some really pretty indie pop, but i was just in the mood to get my guts ripped out, and they just wasnt the ones to do it. they did finish with some more wall-of-sound goodness, tho.

ella minnow - 5-man: 2 guitars, bass, keys/sax, drums. really talented group, great musicianship, some really rockin tunes, but i just couldn't get into it. couldn't really tell you why, but it had somethin to do with the song structure, or lack thereof. kinda jam-band territory sometimes, heard some GYBE. vocals good, but all over the place, and i guess i just like a bit more structure to my songs. 3 or 4 songs in, i realized i wasn't gonna get into it, and it was 1:10 in the fuckin mornin, so i split.


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Drunks with Guns said...

I'm very disappointed in the lack of a 4/12 article. If you don't write about it, how will I know what I certainly don't remember.