Thursday, May 22, 2008

weekend recs

i can't do friday night, so i haven't really checked out all the shows, but if yer lookin for somethin to go to, you really should consider checkin out Romp Almighty at the city tavern, somewhere around 9:00. if you do, tell laura and trey i said hey.

saturday night, you'll find me at the doublewide, listening to the farstar, salute, and the greatness of the felons:

see you there, eh?

Monday, May 19, 2008

5/17/08 - The Felons, mr. Gnome, Sunward, Falken's Maze

this one's gonna have to lean more towards the "photo-journal" side of things, folks, being as how i had a pretty rough night on saturday. i over-drank, and i paid for it, at one point having to, uh, use the facilities for terribly unpleasant purposes. i'm pretty pissed at myself, since i was really looking forward to a great night of music (my two favorite local bands in one show!), and i don't remember anything, except for a few songs at the end of the felons' set and a couple conversations i had early in the morning as i sobered up. i definitely heard all four bands (i have the pics to prove it), and i'm sure i enjoyed it at the time, but if you can't remember it, what's the point? oh well, another learning experience for me (i'm what you'd call a rookie when it comes to the drank (that's a long, tirade-filled tangent that i'll skip for now)), so i'm not that good at it yet. workin on it hard, tho. real hard.

i do remember that my buddy josephus made it out, tho, wantin to see if the felons and sunward could live up to all the hype i've been spewing. you can read his take on the evening here.

first up was Falken's Maze, and all i can say is that i thought it was unusual that there were 3 keyboard players, and no guitars. that's really all i got.
next up was the greatness of Sunward. absolutely love these guys - see my previous raves here and here. i am sure they kicked my ass again saturday, just sure of it.

next up was mr. Gnome, from cleveland. two-man band: smokin-hot chick on guitar, dude on drums. cool trip-rock, like portishead on roids, howling soulful voice on lead, some really cool, unusual percussion playin by the dude (this is all based on a short video i took of these two, so...).
last up were my boys, the felons (previous write-ups here and here), whose music always takes me to a happy place.

after the felons finished up, dave and the guys decided to play a few radiohead covers in honor of their first dallas appearance in 10 years. i loves me some radiohead, so that was a nice finish to the evening.

speaking of that, i was actually at that radiohead show in '98 at the music hall in fair park, when they toured for OK Computer, and i think i know why they've skipped over dallas ever since then. during the whole concert, thom didn't say one word to the audience - no interaction at all, until one point late in the set, when he walks up to the microphone and says "hello, dallas"...{wild screaming from audience}..."pretty fookin dull in here". of course the audience cheered for that, too, prolly not quite realizing they'd just been dissed. ah, well, 'twas a great show anyways.

see you out there...