Friday, July 4, 2008

7/3/08 - Fleet Foxes, The Duchess and the Duke

ooooh jeebsu chrust jeebu chrust jeebus chrust

i fuckin LOVE taco bueno at 1 in teh mornin... its a beautiful thang....

started out after work at zenna (awesome sushi joint in plano with an incredible happy hour) at like 430 or so, tryin to drink tk and the Super Cool Alt-Country Chick under the table, both tk and i having our ASSES handed to us by the SCACC, jeebus christ. buyin us holy phucks with a "ph", no less. pretty sure i told her waaaay more than she wanted to know. goddam holy phucks.

so of course it sounded like a great idea to make my way to the effin Loft to catch a thursday show, yaknow cuz i dint hit a show last weekend, and i'm out of commission this weekend, so i just had to - feedin the beast and all. plus which, the Les Savy Fan was really hypin this show, so you know. and i's like hey, it damn well better be great, for $12 cover and $5 parkin, all the way the fuck over at lamar, for only two fuckin bands, no less.

so up first was the duchess and the duke. 3-man band, and they must've been like missin somebody or somethin, surely. two peeps on guitar and one on like tamborine and stuff, but no bass or drummer and i'm like, jeezus chrust, hire a fuckin drummer or bass player. yes, yes, they were good, but i felt like they really needed a drummer and/or bass player, cuz their songs were good but they just kinda laid there. i never really realized how important a rhythm section was. seems i really like to feel that bass and drums thump in my chest, yaknow? twas funny, cuz i asked the LSF, where's the fuckin duchess - there's supposed to be a chick in this band, and he said that's her right there, and i swear at first glance i thot she was a dude, but only because the lighting made her look like she had a beard and shit (ok, i was deeeerunk, too). but after he pointed out she was a gal, i saw that she was, in fact, HOT. so they got that goin for em. anyhows, up next was fleet foxes (a curious choice for a name, yes? being as how half of it has to do with enemas?), who a goddamn BIG crowd had showed up for. so i'm thinking, jeezus, they must be effin incredible! cuz i've seen some pretty damn good touring bands at club dada and hailey's (the whigs, white rabbits, lamar murphy, tartufi, wild sweet orange) who've nowhere near drawn this kind of crowd, but still ended up on letterman (some of em, anyways), so i was waitin for them to fuckin kick my ass. and uh, not so much. don't get me wrong, they were good - really good - they have the art of 4-part harmony down to a science, and 'twas a beautiful thang, but i kept thinkin, is this sooo much better than what i've seen at dada and hailey's for 6 bucks? and i kept thinkin, uhhhhhh - no. yeah, i know - it's stupid of me to boil it down to dollars and cents, but goddam, for 17 buck, i expect somethin really special, ya know? yes, it is absolutely NOT the band's fault, i dono who's it is - i guess there are only a couple of venues in dallas that'll hold that size crowd, so they're stuck with it. i dono. who gives a fuck. no one reads this anyways. soory again for the crappy pics - highly illegal pics, i should say. why the hell are cameras banned at that place, anyways? bizarro.