Saturday, February 14, 2009

2/11/09 - Loney Dear, MATAS, Sunnybrook

headed to denton on thursday night, mainly to get my MATAS fix.

sunnybrook was up first. solo acoustic. i'd liked what i'd heard on myspace, but the presentation thursday night was very stripped down compared to that. still, some nice ethereal, airy acoustic tunes.Matthew and the Arrogant Sea was up next, and they were awesome as usual. see previous write-ups for a description of their sound and embarassing amounts of praise. seems like they've dropped to only one drummer now - dono if that's permanent or not - i hope not. and one tiny tiny complaint - i wish they'd stop closing with "i'm no snake". it's by far my least favorite MATAS song, and in my opinion, not one of their strongest. anywho, 'twas a great set. Loney, Dear headlined. they're from sweden, ja? they played a collection of catchy, folky, gentle acoustic pop songs, most with multi-part harmonies, which i love. frontman was very funny and engaging. reminded me of a calmer version of frightened rabbit, without the angst or (dare i say it?) passion. some really nice tunes, but overall, they didn't really connect with me (not their fault, you understand - just sayin).