Sunday, March 28, 2010

3/21/10 - Suckers, Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers, Kelly Upshaw Hailey's

Kelly Upshaw (of Hope Trust fame), opened. All by hisself, wif acoustic or electric, plus delays and such. Nice voice. Made me want to check out his band, so there's that. But I couldn't help thinkin, oh here's where the drums would kick in, here's where the guitars would rock out, etc., and of course they didn't, on account of the fact that they weren't there. Nice ad for his band, which i suppose was the point, but i felt kinda cheated.
Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers (Brooklyn) - absolutely loved it. Totally dug her howling, soulful, bluesy voice. Plus, I was completely mesmerized, watching her squeeze the shite out of that harmonium. Awesome. Kicked my ass. Check them out.
Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson (Brooklyn). Was really looking forward to this guy, based on his myspace page. Unfortunately, he performed solo, with only a keyboard as accompaniment, and that didn't come anywhere close to recreating the excitement of his recorded material. Plus which, he played a lot of covers, and you know how i feel aboot that.
Suckers (Brooklyn) headlined. Lots of moving parts here. Quirky, jangly guitar-pop. Most everyone in the band was a multi-instrumentalist, sometimes strumming a guitar on the down-beat, then smacking a drum and/or cymbal on the upbeat. Very impressive. Not exactly my thang, but very good, if you enjoy that sort of fing.

3/17/10 - Explodes into Colors, Cave Singers, Quasi, Duchess and the Duke, Ruby Suns, Moondoggies, Generationals, Seryn, Monastery

Spune's 2k10 Rite of Spring Fling at Hailey's...
Many thanks to Mr. Spune, who set a shining example for other venues to follow by actually starting on time and keeping to the (previously published!) schedule, down to the gnat's ass. Bravo!

(mostly) copied from my facebook page:

0. Monastery (Denton) - one dude wif keytar, plus lots of electronics. Only heard half of one song, so i don't rightly know...
1. Seryn (Denton). Awesome 4-part harmony folk/folk rock. Beautiful.
2. Generationals (New Orleans). Wimpy, girly twee pop. Horrible vox. Blech.
3a. Vodker cranberry. Highly recommended.
3b. Moondoggies (Seattle). Bluesy piano, southern-twinged rock. Little heavy on the Rhodes, but decent.
4. Ruby Suns (New Zealand). Synthy pop, not bad, kept thinking "island pop", dono why, maybe the V-C is to blame
5. Duchess and the Duke. Unplugged. Booooooring
6?? Where am i?? Quasi (Portland). Many thanks to the lead guitar/singer, who spared me the indignity of capturing the Oldest Guy In The Room title. Too bad he sux. Oh my effing gawd. 3 Who covers in a row??? Done.
8. Cave Singers (Seattle). Gritty. Poetic. Dylanesque, yet rockin'. Awesome.
9. Explode into Colors (Portland). MORE COWBELL!! Kidding, tho that *was* featured prominently. 3 gals - two drummers and one bass guitar. Bizarre, yet oddly compelling.
10. Effing headliners cancelled.