Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Saturday night picks

Nothin just jumps out at me as a must-see tonight, but here are a few possibilities:

Looks like a humdinger of a show at Dan's in Denton tonight:

Now, bluegrass and alt-country ain't really my thang, but I saw 100 damned guns at SHQ a year ago and dug 'em, so i'm thinkin the rest of this show might be pretty good too.

Another possibility: The Lifters, Binary Sunrise and The Push at Hailey's:

And if I had to pick a Melodica show, I'd go to the one at Avenue Arts, to see Red Monroe, Swirve, and Transona Five:

see you out there...

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Adventures in Binge Drinking

ever had one of those high-stress, shit-filled days that give you the desire, almost the need, to get utterly and completely plowed? (no? you lead a charmed life). that was yesterday for me.

that's right - i took the night off, at least as far as live music goes. I couldn't really find a show i was excited about anyways, plus i had fed the beast on thursday with bear colony, pet hospital and jon cook (see below). So after my ulcer-inducing day, i headed over to my buddy the piledriver's house with my vodker in tow, being as how he's one dude who is always up for some major drinkin.

got a little worried there when we made an ice run to the local 7-11, and my host wanted to buy some KY ("look, it's the warming kind", he kept saying), but it's OK - he left me alone. now his randy little dog was a different story - i'm pretty sure that little bastard owes me dinner, at least. (i'm just kiddin about the KY, that was actually me, tryin to embarass the piledriver and give him a reputation at his local quickie-mart (i was already pretty far gone at that point)).

we did listen to quite a bit of music (we both have some keeller shit on our ipods), there definitely was some incoherent babbling, and i christened his bathroom, so it sorta felt like a normal night out for me.

actually, i guess i did hear some live music after all, cuz the piledriver whipped out his acoustic and proceeded to melt my face with the likes of 'jesu, joy' and 'frere jacques'. no, seriously, he's pretty good - i'd kill to be able to play like that.

decided that one of my life goals is to learn all of the lyrics to the gorillaz' "clint eastwood", so i can drunkenly belt it out at the top of my lungs when i hear it in some bar somewhere. dream big, huh?

anyhows, the night ended peacefully with the piledriver passed out on the couch, and me crashed in his guest room. i'm sure his dog had a field day.

until next time...