Monday, May 5, 2008

5/3/08 - Sunset, The Mercers

well, this turned out to be a really shitty night, live-musically speaking. was gonna go to the granada show, but at the last minute, decided to head to my arch-nemesis, the cavern - lineup there sound a bit edgier and whatnot. big mistake. shoulda known. only had 3 bands lined up to start with, and one didnt show up. fuckers - headstream - remember that. i know i will. hey, why dont i get 1/3 of my money back when 1/3 of the bands dont show?? yea, so i'm cheap - shaddap.

picked up tk on the way there, and josephus showed up, too. got down there at 945 and no sign of headstream, so we headed to public house to wait it out and drank. tk got a wild hair to buy some lobster bisque at the italian joint next door to the cavern and some beeyatch told us to wait outside while waiting for the food. f u you effin beeeyatch, like we'er fuckin homeless or somethin. yea, we were plastered, but we weren't makin a fuss or nothin. ended up on the roof of the public house, saw some dirty dancin from some plastered chick. tried to film it, but it dint turn out. sooryyy, knuckles. all of tk's friends from out of town showed up, and i met 'em all, but dont remember any of em, and they ended up goin to the goddam ghost bar or somethin, so they aint my kinda people anyways, i mean really - the ghiost bar??? no, i'm kiddin, you know any friend of tk's is a friend of mine...

so wandered back to the cavern and the mercers went on at 11:15 or so. and i loved the mercers. four-man band, and their lead sounded a LOT like peter gabriel, which is both a blessing and a curse, cuz i love peter gabriel's voice, but it's also kinda distracting cuz you're sittin there thinkin "omigod, this dude sounds JUST like peter gabriel", and you miss the amazing music that's goin on. but we really did love their stuff. some really excellent dreamy atmospheric guitar-led indie pop goodness. right up my alley, you know. tk bot the cd, and josephus, not understanding the whole buddy-with-access-to-a-shared-drive-who-already-bought-the-cd thing, bought the cd too. good for him - supportin the arts and all. you can tell his divorce aint finalized yet, eh? heheheeh.
click here for a more enlightened pic of the mercers, should you like to see that.
and here's a very dark and over-saturated video:

anyhows, up next was sunset, or should i say {{{sunset}}}. 7-man band , i shit you not. fuckin stage at the cavern wasnt big enough for 'em all. 3 keyboardists, can you bleebe?? 3!! have to say, i really dint care for it. first two songs, dude had so much echo on his vocals you couldnt even hear him. caused tk to show off his geek credentials by uttering the line "dude, i can't help but think of the DOS command ECHO OFF". hahaha, what a dweeb (jus kiddin man, you know i am one too). finally, some dude friend of the band or somethin goes up to the stage and twiddles a knob or somethin and really cut down on the echo, but then for the next two songs, you couldnt hear anything, vocally-speakin. then the sound guy finally comes back in from outside on his smoke break (i am guessing), and twiddles some more knobs, and then you could sorta hear somethin. so some really bad sound problems for them dudes, but i really dont think it woulda changed my opinion. thot maybe it was some good stuff, you know like, head-phone listenin stuff, but live, i just didnt grab me.
click here to see how crammed onto the stage them sunset boys were.

so that was it, dear readers - two bands, some lobster bisque, and archaic DOS-talk. sa-weeet!
see you out there...