Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday night show

Tonight I'll be at Rubber Gloves, listening to two bands in my top 5 list: Red Monroe and Matthew and the Arrogant Sea. So if you're there and you see a middle-aged unhipster stumbling around (yea, flyin solo tonight, as usual), come by and say hey.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

5/24/08 - The Felons, Salute, The Farstar

didn't seem to be very many choices this past weekend, show-wise, but thank gawd the felons continued their 'Play Damn-Near Every Weekend In May' Tour, with a stop this past saturday at the dee-dub (that's the doublewide, dontcha know).

first up was the farstar. really enjoyed their set. 5-man band - two guitars, bass, drums and lead sanger, who played a little keys ever now and then. mostly, he rocked back and forth with the microphone and emoted, in that oh-so-Firewater-band fashion. but not to worry, what came out of the speakers was very un-Firewater-like (which is good, in my opinion ('case you hadn't figgered that out)). some really good indie pop/rock, definitely above average. very polished. nice harmonies between lead and geetar player. lead vox not overly strong, but got the job done. was thinkin about buyin the (salim nourallah co-produced) EP, but muh buddy bill beat me to it and let me borrow it (thanks, bill!). i'll be keeping my eye out for these guys in the future - wouldn't mind catching them again.

next up was salute, which i have a hard time saying in anything other than the old HeeHaw fashion: saaaaaa-LUTE! (google it, youngsters). anyhows, if southern rock is your thang, you can't do much better than these guys. 3-man band, sounds like 5. great geetar work, fantastic voice on lead.

you know southern rock ain't my thang, tho, so after a few songs i wandered out to the patio to chat wif the aforementioned bill and the ghost of blind lemon. love talkin music with fellow fanatics.

last up was the felons, and i just don't understand how you could not love this band. from the dark, moody anthems like Worse for Wear, to the infectious, keyboard-driven poppy greatness that is My Best State (which always manages to get just about everyone moving (or at least nodding their heads)), these guys play some of the best pop songs in town. and after saturday night, their stuff can also be categorized as Music For Drunk-Ass Chicks To Dry-Hump Their Roided-Out Boyfriends To. vurry entertaining. anyways, their next show is June 5th at Dada. check 'em out.

see you out there...