Saturday, March 20, 2010

3/11/10 - Stonybrook, Manned Missiles, Savage and the Big Beat, Native Lights RGRS, as part of the NX35 shindig.

Native Lights (Tulsa) opened up. Ya, sure, some pretty decent psychedelic pop. Whatevs.
Next up was Savage and the Big Beat (Denton). A very nice surprise. Only two dudes - one on Casio keyboard and one on drums. Quite charming, funny, and entertaining. Hey, there's only so much you can do with a casio keyboard and drum kit, but these guys made the most of it, with some very catchy & funny tunes. Definitely very childlike - songs about polar bears, dinosaurs, etc. Put a smile on my face, i can tell you that. Very much enjoyed it.
Next up was Manned Missiles (Denton). Yea, i dono - didn't hear anything overly compelling here, some pretty decent groovy pop, but that's about it. Need to further evaluate, methinks...
Sunnybrook was up next. Hmmm. Lotsa pub for this dude, but I don't really get it. At least this night, it was only the one guy, dressed in angel outfit and sunglasses. Lotsa effects, layers, instruments, and what-not, and interesting at first, but after a while, it seemed like his sole intention was to put me to sleep. Just not my thing, I guess.
Very sad to say - I was so dog-tired half-way thru the SB set, I just couldn't bring myself to hang around long enough to hear the Evangelicals - the entire reason i'd showed up on a thursday night. So I split. Regretted it the next day, but there you go...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

3/6/10 - Baruch the Scribe, Sad Accordions, This Old House Hailey's.

This Old House (now named ODYSSEY, but not really) opened, and you know I loves me some TOH. Only issue? That goddam bass drum, lit up like a goddam reverse spotlight, rendering my cheezy-ass camera damn-near useless. But seriously - check out this band, whatever moniker they happen to adopt next. They are fucking awesome. Next up was Sad Accordions (Austin). Seen them once before and dug 'em, compared them to Telegraph Canyon. This time? OK, but not quite as good as I remembered. One song went on WAY too long, with the lead singin' "someone stop me" at least twenty times, i shit you not. Which prompted me to whisper to my companion, "jeezus christ, someone stop him".
Last up was Baruch the Scribe. Very interesting, I will say that. Voice a bit difficult to take at times, you might even say harsh, but at other times ('isn't it pretty to think so?' (see the myspace page)), it fit perfectly. I definitely want to check them out again, that's for sure. This particular night, I found myself not in the frame of mind to properly render a finalized
opinion, yet completely intrigued and looking forward to the next opportunity to do so.

3/4/10 - Manchester Orchestra, The Features

Well, I'll be damned - a venue that starts early (7:00) and on-time. Only problem? I didn't know that about them, so I showed up at 8, having missed the first two bands. Out-thinking-music-venue Fail.

Another problem? I don't remember a damn thing about the two bands i did see (The Features and Manchester Orchestra). I'm sure they were both extraordinarily talented and put on one hell of a show. So glad i spent ten bucks to park and 17 to get in.