Wednesday, October 8, 2008

10/4/08 - The Low Lows, Starhead

had trouble findin a show last weekend, but ended up at hailey's.

first up was Starhead, or at least parts of it (they didn't say one word to the crowd (which was pretty much just me), so i have no idea who was playing and who was missing). 4-piece band that night - one acoustic guitar, one electric, a violin and a pseudo-drummer (he had some shakers, a tambourine, and an ozarka water jug, i shit you not). very nice, low-key, down-tempo, minor-key, dreamy folky stuff. love the soulful violin. nice juxtaposition of the electric with the acoustic. not exactly hard-rockin stuff, but it ain't supposed to be. enjoyed it. next up was The Low Lows, from Austin. 6-piece, including two trumpets and one trombone at times. really well done southern gothic rock sorta stuff. really featured the brass at times, which i love. lead has unique voice - kinda reedy, but not at all unpleasant. really dug it.