Sunday, March 2, 2008

3/1/08 - New Frontiers, Homer Hiccolm, Quiet Company, Gazelles

Why does it always have to
Why does it always have to be...brimstone?

blahdeblahdeblah i have nothing to say, you have nothing to hear i am very drunk

holy shit i think my dog can sense when i';m drunk and she;s like scared of me when i am, isnt that weird??

went to dada tonight for quiet comapny and new frontiers and praise baby jeebus the piledriver came with me!! gawd damn i hate goin alone, so thanks for that, mr. P!!!!

inhaled 8 oz of the cheapest goddam vodka i could buy at the sto, wheeeeee!! gooood stuff, that is. ok, mebbe not good stuff, but you woiks.. just aks the piledriver he had some too

beard pretended he dint know me, but that;s ok, i dont mind payin for thees guys. the piledriver almost has to go all krav maga on some guys ass he bumps into at the door. now THAT wouldve been funny.

first up was the gazelles, who i've seen at least like twice before and said "meh" bof times. this time was no different except i was much drunker, so i thot theys aight, but the piledriver hated the lead, says he was way too earnest, so i trust his judgement, he was not as drunk. he is the master judger of earnestness, you know... i shit you not. i dont remember much, truthfully.

ran over to zinis so mr p could catch a bite and a glimpse of my alt-universe girlfren. luckily, he did not show an interest, else she surely would have fallen for his luxurious sideburns, you know. they are glorious and hipnotic, after all.

next up was quiet company, who i;'ve seen multiple times befo - see below you lazy bastards. i love this band, and they did not disappoint. kicked me ass.

i think we went to zinis AGAIN to meet up with batman (who had just finished his set wif 1000 MFH at the curtain club) and wifey-poo and i-could-swear the suspiciously underage-lookin dude from the xmas party. mr p. had more pizza, no doubt to make more in-roads with whatser-name, the pizza gal. sneaky bastard.

next up was homer hiccolm and the rocket boys, who in my opinion need to change their name, just sayin. dont member the details, but i remember thinkin they were great - lotsa dudes on stage, keys and geetars and such (howzat for detailed reporting?), super guitar/piano-pop stuff.

last up was new frontiers, their cd release party and all. twas perty good, but the solo acoustic interlude in the middle was a total buzzkill. nice enough, allright, but i'd rather hear the whole band, if ya don mind.

huge crowd at the dada, been along time since i seen it like that. oh, and dude - you, the early-forties poser with the spiky hairdo and steroid arms, sittin at the table with yer back to the band like yer too fuckin cool to even care, drinkin yer bud light - i fuckin HATE you.

on the way to the car, the piledriver practically TAUNTS the cops, daring them to come bust our asses. funniest goddam thing i've seen in a long long time.

ok, i'll add links and shit tomorrow, dont be a dick