Saturday, July 11, 2009

7/10/09 - the pAper chAse, MATAS, Tre Orsi Dan's.

Tre Orsi was up first. three-man band (thus the name, eh?). pretty good at what they were doin, but nothing overly memorable. my friend the cougar thought the drummer was very good, but probably just cuz she thot he was cute.
Matthew and the Arrogant Sea was up next and guess what - i thought they were awesome. 'magine that (see below for all the rave reviews). nice stop-down in the middle for a solo song by Matthew - beautiful stuff.
the pAper chAse headlined. wow, what a performance. loved it even more than the granada show a few weeks back. my gawd, those guys write some really unique, head-bobbin', hard-rockin' songs. john congleton is a mad-man on stage, flailing around, expectorating at every turn, laying hands on the crowd (there are demons to be exorcised, you know), etc. What an amazing, high-energy set. i will be buying that cd.

7/2/09 - Astronautilis, Matthew Gray Delves into the Humanity Pools with the Six Foot Saucer Pot People, Hello Lover Rubber Gloves.

Hello Lover opened. man, i really dug this band. sorta retro, sorta glossy 80's rock, which isn't really my thing, but these guys made me a believer. the lead singer looked like a cross between Dee Snider and Right Said Fred (that's not supposed to be an insult - he was very entertaining to watch, i thot). really impressive guitar work, too - well above average. anyways, a very enjoyable set - i look forward to catching them again soon.
Matthew Gray, Delves into the Humanity Pools with the Six Foot Saucer Pot People (no, i am not making that up), was up next. kind of a lower-key version of Matthew and the Arrogant Sea, with keys and upright bass instead of electric guitars. what can i say - i pretty much love everything Matthew Gray is involved with, including this band. that is one talented dude. very nice set.

Astronautilis headlined. what an incredibly talented performer. just like at his performance a few weeks ago at the granada, i was amazed by his passion, quick wit, intelligence, singing ability, and energy. i'd have to say this performance was even better, due to the intimate setting and familiarity with the crowd. awesome.

6/26/09 - The Felons, Lovie, Taylor Davis Club Dada.

Taylor Davis opened. solo acoustic set. nice voice with great range. well-written songs, impressive guitar work. enjoyed it.

Lovie was up next. i've been wanting to hear this band live for quite a while now, and i was very happy that i finally got the chance. and i was very pleasantly surprised - i guess i was expecting sappy bubble-gum pop, but wow - this band can truly rock. very talented group of musicians, really nice collection of catchy, guitar-driven tunes with awesome vocals, harmonies, and keys, all really well executed (despite the sweltering climate). k, so i've made it clear, right? these ladies are fantastic musicians, etc.? cuz i can't write this without mentioning it - these girls are freakin' HOT. there's just somethin about women rockin' out in pigtails, ponytails, short plaid skirts, muscle tees, and knee socks. nice. (sue me - i'm a guy. with a pulse).
The Felons headlined - it was their CD release show (finally!). You know how much i love the felons, so i won't blather on. it was an awesome set, as usual. very cool to see an expanded line-up for the first few songs. these guys have truly come a long way in the last couple of years. a very talented group. the CD is amazing, in my opinion - well worth the wait. check it out.

6/25/09 - Starlight Mints, Evangelicals, MATAS the Granada. the Les Savy Fan showed, too.

Matthew and the Arrogant Sea opened. Awesome, as usual. You know I love this band, so I'm gonna refrain from repeating myself. See the (seemingly hundreds of) MATAS write-ups below if you wanna know more...
Evangelicals, from Norman, OK, were up next, and i'll be damned if i didn't i fall in love. there's not a whole lot on their myspace, so i didn't really know what to expect, and i was totally caught by surprise as song after song blew me away. a number of times i thought, wow, they really sound like James, both musically and vocally. other times there was a definite radiohead feel. whatever the influence, after every song i found myself thinking, holy shit, these guys are phenomenal. check them out if you get the chance.
Starlight Mints, also from Norman, headlined. i'm not the biggest Mints fan (that would be tk), but i was pleasantly surprised how much i enjoyed their set. while i find their recorded material not exactly to my taste, their live show was quirky, high-energy, catchy and ultimately a lot of fun. good stuff.