Saturday, July 11, 2009

6/26/09 - The Felons, Lovie, Taylor Davis Club Dada.

Taylor Davis opened. solo acoustic set. nice voice with great range. well-written songs, impressive guitar work. enjoyed it.

Lovie was up next. i've been wanting to hear this band live for quite a while now, and i was very happy that i finally got the chance. and i was very pleasantly surprised - i guess i was expecting sappy bubble-gum pop, but wow - this band can truly rock. very talented group of musicians, really nice collection of catchy, guitar-driven tunes with awesome vocals, harmonies, and keys, all really well executed (despite the sweltering climate). k, so i've made it clear, right? these ladies are fantastic musicians, etc.? cuz i can't write this without mentioning it - these girls are freakin' HOT. there's just somethin about women rockin' out in pigtails, ponytails, short plaid skirts, muscle tees, and knee socks. nice. (sue me - i'm a guy. with a pulse).
The Felons headlined - it was their CD release show (finally!). You know how much i love the felons, so i won't blather on. it was an awesome set, as usual. very cool to see an expanded line-up for the first few songs. these guys have truly come a long way in the last couple of years. a very talented group. the CD is amazing, in my opinion - well worth the wait. check it out.

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Kristen said...

thanks for the kind words...

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