Sunday, October 14, 2007

10/13/07 - Timeline Post

semi-drunken trip report - look out

went to andy's in denton hom eof the infamous squishy squishy, but alas not much tonight

buncha creepy characters on teh square - black trenchcoat-wearin muthers hanginf out on the courthouse steps

saw exeter from auston - pretty damn good, i thought, though i did see them at the peak of my inebriatedness (maybe not actually, since i kept on). first half of set remionded me of hard radiohead sonmgs. seconf half, not so much but still prety good. 4-piece, btw - no keybd. free ep, i got one. enjoyed the set, i did.

kept smellin corned beef. croned beef corned beef. what's up with tthat?

woman stepped on my toes (wearin sandals). all over me apologizin but unfortunately she was OLDER THAN ME!!!

way to go auburn, beat those fuckin hillybilly arkansas fags

up next was revolution of kings. 3-piece i think. meh. lead had big GIANT head with dreds and glasses. totally genero alt rock. pushed the ear plugs in a bit further.

went otuside between sets and met a guy sittin on a bench wth head in hands. i said i bet you drank too much, he said yeah - 10 shots of tequila, and he was the designated driver. hehe heh. told him to go puke. his buddy came out and talked aboot takin a duke and usin newspaper for tp. we all agreed that was pretty pathetic.

wells were $2.25. bartender shorted me a fiver, tho. shite.

blue cheese faggot spotted (inside joke).

last was timeline post - ok, i guess - better than rev of kings. why do i have a prejudice against big heavy guy leads with long hair and giant beeards that look at the floor the whole time? couldn't hear vocals much. pretty good, but just didin't get into it. wouldn't object to hearing again, but wouldn't make the drive just for 'em.

listened to red monroe on way home (first album) - now there's some good stuff