Friday, March 25, 2011

2/12/11 - Orange Peel Sunshine, Les Americains the Doublewide. Don't remember a whole lot aboot this show. Recorded on my iphone: "Les Americains: all plaid, all the time. Cute!" That is all. Orange Peel Sunshine and The Boom Boom Box played, too, tho I only seem to have evidence of the former.

1/23/11 - The Moondoggies, Quiet Life, The Naptime Shake

Aaaah, so awesome to be back inside Club Dada, where it really all began for me. So great to smell the fresh lacquer, see the amazing renovations, the massive (relatively speaking) amount of space in front of the stage, even some functioning toilets (!). Sure, there seemed to be no actual heat in the place, but the forced-air propane heater reminded me of the good ol' days, so never you mind.

I was so enraptured with the new digs that I really didn't pay attention to the bands all that much, other than to note that the whole line-up, while very good, was just a bit too folky/country for my taste. Probably should have known that going in, but I was looking for any excuse to get back to Dada...

The Naptime Shake:

Quiet Life

The Moondoggies