Sunday, January 10, 2010

1/9/10 - The Burning Hotels, Marquis of Vaudeville, They Were Stars, Companion Trees. Yea, so their myspace page said "Burning Hotels/Cowboys watching party", so I headed down early so I could watch the game with the multitudes, only to be greeted by a crowd consisting entirely of Trees' staff members. So the five of us sat at the bar and stared at the TV together. Good times, good times.

At half-time, Companion got things started. Squeaky-clean christian emo. Not terrible, but not at all my fing, baby.
Threatening to out-number the audience, They Were Stars was up next. Upwards of 7 people on stage, if I counted right. Completely loved this band. Led by Collin Cable (of Collin Cable fame), they played an awesome set full of catchy, crunchy powerpop tunes. Really good stuff. Will definitely look to catch them again.
Next up was Marquis of Vaudeville, formerly known as Wonderfool, which means this was my second time to see them. Really dug these guys (again). Some very well done, spacey, psychedelic, glam-y rock. Very tight & very polished - you can tell these guys have been playing together for a while. Love the voice on the lead. Check 'em out, for realz.
Last up was The Burning Hotels, who I've seen and loved many times, including just weeks ago. So - "ditto".