Sunday, November 4, 2007

11/3/07 - Demigs, Cut*off, Gunship

went to andy's so tony could get his demigs fix. he was desingnated driver. woohooo!! lookout! BLARCH!!

walked around the square afore the shew cuz tony's such a bitch about that whole open container thing. man i love the square, why it's so magical! tony dancin on joe p denton's grave, shame on him

checked out basement of andy's - didn't even kno it was there. very nice, and the bathroom was very functional i should say. no cover, heh heh! doorman told us that theres gonna be an upstairs VIP area soon at andy's. much speculation about what will happen up there. mebbe i'll finaly be able to get jason and david to come out!!

first band was the gunship from norman oklahoma. 3-man band, and they definieltely fall in th category of too-messed-up-to-evaluate-properly-but-i fuckin-loved-em. don't remember much except waltzing matilda song, but i loved their set. definite greenday moments. tk bot the cd. i talked to lead sanger, who wasn't exactly personable, but hey.

next! the cut*off, from frot worth. many people in this band, upwards of 5 or 6. keyboardist supposedly very well hung, for youladies. some really great tunes, some just OK, seemed like therre were a lot of covers (??)

last was the demigs, who tony is totally gay for. recognized a lot of songs from tehir first cd, thot there would be a lot of new material since they'tre workin on new album ,but didn't hear it. still very good, but lead vox got lost in a lot of the songs.

tony saw hot blonde blow chunks all over gunship's amp box. said it looked like cranberry sauce. rock-n-roll, huh??

shiow didnt get done til damn near 2:00. how does that happen with only 3 bands?? thank baby jesus for the time change, eh? why i'll be right as rain in the mornin