Sunday, April 6, 2008

4/5/08 - Deep Ellum FArts Festival - the felons, happy bullets, tah-dahs

holy jeezus fuckin christ it has been a long tim since i ben this far gone (well at least while writin one of these, unnerstand)

wanted to catch the felons but i was afeerd they were goin on at 6 at teh deep ellum arts festival at SPACE you know, and i couldnt get there til 7ish, but i went anyways thinkin well shit at least i can see the tahdahs and the happy bullets and lovie anyways, and maybe some art, cuz i used to be into photgraphy, you know. but goddAM, i am glad i went, cuz as usual, everything was runnin late and i got to SPACE and there was the fuckin felons warmin up!!!! holy shit i was so fuckin happy they hadnt played yet. found a meter, btw (yay, me!). brought my trusty flask to space, cuz it was supposed to be a byob potluck dealyo, and i figgered there would be like a table with like food and cokses and shit,. but that idea seemed to fail midserablty, cuzx thre werent no food nor cokes nor nothin for me to mix my vodka with, so here i am walkin around with my goddam flask in my back pocket wonderin is that OK, since it's byob, or can i get busted and sent to jail, even tho? so anyways, i sat down just as the felons were startin and omigod i cant say enough how much i love this band. i closed my eyes and just like blissed out i am tellin you, for the whole fuckin set. every song just unfuckngbelievable. theyre comin out with a 3 song EP, which i got an advnaced copy of you motherfuickers!!! (thanks dave, yer the greatest!!) hahaha, you have to wait, but not for long i dont think, it will be available soon, just keep an eye out. pete freedman showed up to catch the felons, proving he can make the right choice ever once in a while anyways. hung out with fred's folks - some really cool folks, and i dont think they realize what an unusually great job theyve done raisin a kid like fred, but i told em so anyhows. btw, really nice uh, space there at hal samples' space - amazingly good sound for a sort of impromptu music venue.

anyways, after that blissful experience, i wandered back to my car to hold my own potluck dinner out of my trunk which consisted of a main course of VODKA with a side of diet COKE!!!!! and it was qwuite delicious, i can tell you, and my whole dinner party was quite taken with it, to be sure. got several compliments - oooh, what a nice flavor that gordon;s vodker has, ooh why tahnk you, the diet coke adds such a nice accent dont you think??? oooh, why yes it does, i MUST have the recipe!!!

much of what happened after that was a blur, my dear friends. but i know i went back to SPACE, cuz i knew the route back there. didnt get a chance much to see the art goin on in the street, cuz it was gettin dark. aftwer a while the happy bullets played, even tho they were supposed to play after the tahdahs. it was a cool set, as usual, wif trumpets and all. ive seen them like four or five times now, scroll down to see writeups (coherent ones, you know). anyways, enjoyed it like i always do.

saw some people out in the street with a couple of great pyrenees, same kinda dog i have, and theirs were like super friendly, not paranoid like mine, and they said i needed to consult the dog whisperer, and i said um, no, i dont think so. but thanks.

ran over to dada after the HB set, cuz i dint know what else to do, and that's like home base you know? and saw some burlesque show or some shit that knuckles would be very happy to see. beard sure liked it, i can tell you. and as if a flask full of vodker werent enough i had to buy a goddam shot cuz it was only 1 dollar and i told michelle to pick one and she gave me a fried apple pie which was vuuuury good, i have no idea what was in it, but ther was booze in it, i can tell you. somehow managed to lose ttrack of time (can you believe it?), and ran down to where lovie was playin, cant remember where, but they was damn near done, goddamit, how did i screw that up? been waitin forever to catch them, but it'll have to wait. shit. went back to SPACEy spaceboy, and the tahdahs were playin, cept it was just roy and a couple others, so it was alot like thursday night, when he played solo. but it was really good, cept i was hopin laura palmer would come up and sing for the last song "lord dont you let me down...", like she did that time at rubber gloves, cuz she drives my pants crazy, yes much more than roy does. but she wasnt there, but that's ok, it was still really good.

that is all. if you dont have any plans for sunday, go down to the deep ellum farts festival. it's really cool. and it's free, for you cheapo broke-ass bastards like me.

good night