Monday, August 9, 2010

8/8/10 - Spooky Folk, Dark Dark Dark, The Fox and the Bird, Jeremy Buller

At Hailey's.

Jeremy Buller (Denton) - solo acoustic. Don't really remember, sorry. The Fox & the Bird (Denton). Appropriate number of banjos, mandolins, violins, acoustic guitars. Chilling multi-part harmonies. Nice bells. Dug it. Dark Dark Dark (Minneapolis) - Oh my. What an amazing performance. Can be best described as sad accordion music, tho "haunting, beautiful, moving, soaring, & spine-tingling" also apply. Definitely heard a Leonard Cohen influence. Fell deeply in love with this band. Bought both CDs and a t-shirt, & gave them all the cash I had on me. Absolutely magical. Spooky Folk (Denton) - seen them a few times now - great stuff, always a good time. Favorite couplet: "I was born on the bible belt. Give me something sharp so i can kill myself". Preach on, brudda.