Friday, June 20, 2008

6/19/08 - Telegraph Canyon, Birds and Batteries, Salim Nourallah, Lee Simmons

after my week-long vacation wif the kiddos, i was eager to feed the beast, so i headed to dada last night for the artist-in-residence show. turned out to be a pretty good night, thanks to a surprise (at least to me) addition to the line-up. the les savy fan showed, too, but i think he only went down there to hook up wif his new gal-pal (not that there's anything wrong with that).

first up was Lee Simmons, from Austin. did a nice solo acoustic set. very earnest. at one point, whipped out a ukelele. wouldn't mind seeing him with his full band (which is what i usually say aboot solo acoustic acts), but 'twas an enjoyable set.
next up was Salim Nourallah, this time backed up by John Lefler (who plays with Dashboard Confessional, according to Debbie, who seems to know who everyone is and who they've played with) for a few songs, then Chris Holt for a few. Both accompanists added a nice touch to Salim's stuff. Birds and Batteries, from San Fran, were next. really enjoyed these guys. hard to describe their sound - sometimes alt-countryish, sometimes 80's synth-y, sometimes straight-ahead rock, usually a beautiful melange of all three. really good stuff - very unique. would definitely like to catch them again (they seem to come thru here a lot, so keep an eye out).

and the surprise of the night - Telegraph Canyon played last. man, these guys are incredible. every time i see them, i appreciate them even more (see my previous write-up here). just an amazing combination - the folky acoustic guitar, the rockin electric guitar, plus the keys and organ, all accompanied by Chris' incredibly soulful voice and the beautiful harmonies from Sherilyn. amazing stuff. definitely the highlight of the evening for me. btw, Telegraph Canyon has been nominated for several FW Weekly Music awards. you should go here and vote for 'em. voting ends the 23rd, so hurry up. oh, and they're playing saturday night at the prophet bar. praise jeebus. i was sooo happy when i walked in the door at dada and found out TC was playing, but it sure was strange that they weren't listed in the line-up (i know i could've gotten at least Knuckles to come out and see 'em, if i had known). according to Chris, they had that show on their calendars and flyers for a while, but club dada seemed to have no idea that they were supposed to play. what a flaky bidness. i hope such screw-ups don't discourage TC from playing in dallas - that would be a real loss.

another great thursday night at dada, tho the late finish made my friday mornin a bit rough. definitely worth it, tho.

see you out there...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Busy end of the week

after a week hiatus, i am ready to hit the scene once again.
here's where you'll find me in the next few days:

thursday at club dada for salim nourallah and birds and batteries:

quiet company, homer hiccolm, etc. at club dada:

or florene a couple doors down at kettle art:


matthew and the arrogant sea, pet hospital and beauxregard at Sons of Hermann:

see you out there, eh?