Friday, December 25, 2009

11/19/09 - The Burning Hotels, Ishi, The Polycorns

…at Trees. Never thought I’d step foot in the new Trees, being as how the booker only seems to book the same crappy bands that used to play at Firewater, but the good folks at 102.1 The Edge (never thought I’d say THAT) sponsor a free local show every Thursday night at Trees, so’s I went. Thought the venue was pretty nice, with really great sound (bleeding from the ears is a definite possibility).

The Polycorns opened. Loooved the Polycorns. Three-man band, lead switching between guitar and keys. Very unique voice on lead – sometimes very Thom Yorke-ish, which I love. Very unique song structures, really dug it. Bought the CD, which in my estimation, suffers from over-production on the lead vocals, but is otherwise aces.

Ishi was second. These guys were a riot. Really only two "musicians" on stage – a guitar player (who had double-duty as the laptop clicker) and a drummer. Two singers rounded out the band – one gal in 70’s costume plus a dude who I swear is the sound guy at the cavern. Anywho, these guys have the whole electro-dance thing down pat. I deemed it "music that drunk people dance to". Very fun set, that’s for sure, including a cover of "Walk like an Egyptian", in which every hot chick in the audience was encouraged to hop on stage and well, walk like an egyptian. Good times. Not really what I usually go for, but it was damn fun, I can tell you. Wouldn’t hesitate to catch them again.

The Burning Hotels headlined, and goddam, are they good. I’ve loved these guys for a while now – they never fail to put on a great show. Very polished, very catchy tunes, great showmanship. You absolutely MUST check them out, if you haven’t already. Great stuff, indeed.

11/14/09 - Rufus Wainwright, Joan Wasser

…at Bass Performance Hall.

Joan Wasser opened. Meh, I wasn’t overly enamored of Ms. Wasser. Obviously a talented musician (guitar and piano), but neither her voice nor her songwriting really did anything for me.

Rufus was awesome, of course. Not quite as fun or bombastic as the full-band show at Nokia a couple years ago, but satisfying nonetheless. Gotta love Rufus. Yes - you do.

11/7/09 - Tribella, The Felons

…at Jack’s Backyard. My first time at this place, and I was impressed, for the most part. Really nice back patio, with tons of tables, chimineas and a pretty cool lookin stage. The only problem? I guess some of Jack’s neighbors ain’t exactly music fans, so they have to keep the volume set at "nursing home" level. And just after I complained to The Princess that The Felons weren’t loud enough, the owner came up and told Dave to take it down a notch. Hmmpf. Kind of a limitation on that place, as far as outdoor concerts go. I’m assuming the indoor ones don’t share that problem.

Anyways, The Felons started things off, and you know how I feel about them, so I won’t repeat myself. That night featured the debut of their fourth member on guitar. Sure, he’s no Fred, but I liked the additional guitar, which rounded out their sound quite nicely, and allowed them to rock out even more, at least before the owner went oldster on their ass. Really enjoyed the set, as usual. Tribella, from Austin, was up next. Three-gal band. Really liked what I heard - some very pretty, ethereal pop tunes. Beautiful voice on lead. Would definitely like to hear them again.
Fingerless Ghost was up next, but the Princess and I were freezing our t’s off, so we split before they started.