Wednesday, January 7, 2009

1/3/09 - New Frontiers, Gazelles, Eleisha Eagle

after a way-too-long hiatus (goddam holidays and what-not, you know), i headed to dada to catch the New Frontiers' last show. GReen-Eyed-Greek Gal (who has some sort of super-secret, sordid connection to the new frontiers, it seems (i'm guessing she was one of their groupies, at one point)) and Knuckles came with.

showed up only to see a long line out front. wow - never seen that before at dada. thot we might not even make it in, but we did, and the place was packed inside and out (luckily, it was a beautiful night for hangin' out on the patio). good for them - maybe they'll be able to keep their doors open for a while longer. thanks, solis.

one major disappointment - the drinks that night were easily The Weakest Drinks I Have Ever Had. even my man frankie, who usually makes a pretty stiff drink, let me down. ah well. can't have it all i guess.

Eleisha Eagle opened. 3-piece band: Eleisha on keys, plus bass and drums. nice stuff, very strong voice. kind of a tori-amos-does-cabaret vibe. GREGG thot she was tryin too hard and straining when she belted it out, but liked her when she toned it down. anyways, an enjoyable set. catch her if you can. Gazelles were up next. I've seen them many times, cuz they seem to get put on bills with bands i like, but i've never really liked 'em all that much. GREGG thot they were good, except for the lead vocals. This Will Destroy You was up third, but we missed them somehow. got lazy hangin out on the patio, i guess. wish i had seen them - this dude seemed to think they were awesome.

New Frontiers headlined. i've seen them many times, and always enjoyed it. i don't get fired up over them like i do some others, but it's always very nice. thankfully, there was no 'stop-down to play solo acoustic' that plagued the set the last time i saw them. 'twas a nice set. i enjoyed screamin out 'mirrors' one last time, and it was cool to have such a large crowd singin along with me. it's sad to see these guys go.