Thursday, March 5, 2009

2/28/09 - Heartless Bastards, Record Hop, Will E Lee

Will E Lee was up first, and lo and behold, if it wasn't my ol' buddy Drunken Lame' Boy, staunch defender of Zest of Yore and sometime mobile disco ball. anyhows: 3-man band, some decent bluesy/folky stuff, some acoustic, some electric. definitely appreciated the laid-back acoustic stuff more than the fuzzed-out, sorta-rambling bluesy electric stuff, which was not my bag at all, baby. all in all, it was OK, fairly low-energy, nothin overly compelling.

Record Hop was up next - my second time to see them that week. unlike the show at the Lounge, their set was not marred by bad sound, and they returned to their former glory (at least, in my mind). loved it.

Heartless Bastards from Ohio headlined. loved these guys too. lead has very unique voice - gritty, husky, soul-filled, the kind you never get tired of listening to. some really outstanding, sometimes-folky, sometimes-garage-y blues rock. some songs very janis-joplin-like. really enjoyed the set. check 'em out.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

2/26/09 - Ume, Record Hop, League of Fucking Decency

went to a parade of flesh show at the lounge on thursday night, with Knuckles in tow:

The League of Fucking Decency started things off. 4-man band, pretty standard guitar rock, pretty average. two leads traded off vocal duties, neither voice that great. for some reason, i kept thinking of a bunch of 13-year-olds jamming on their first guitars in their parents' garage (and i think that might be what they're goin for, believe it or not). couldn't get that thought out of my head, especially when they stopped down in the middle of a song so all four of them (including the drummer, who stood up) could shout/sing the chorus, which was some sort of rock-n-roll manifesto about rebelling or stickin it to the man or somesuch. i thot that was pretty damn funny. dono if it was supposed to be or not. anywho, i'm not tryin to be mean, i guess i just wasn't that into what they were doin. plus which, the guitar player's permed-out ted nugent hair offended me (kidding!). next up was Record Hop. seen them a number of times, and have been blown away each time. that night, however, i think they fell victim to a poor sound mix - the vocals sounded awfully muddy and muffled. one of my favorite things about RH is Ashley's voice, so to not be able to hear that clearly diminished their performance. not their fault, tho, at all. still dug the set overall. Ume was up last. saw them at Hailey's a while back, which is when Knuckles fell in love (blistering guitar rock + hot female lead = Knuckles In Love). amazing amount of sound coming from only three people, nice strong voice coming from pixie-like lead. i enjoyed the set, tho it's not exactly my kind of thing. Ume was the band Knuckles came for (he and the lead have this "thing", wherein he stands down in front and leers at her, and she pretty much ignores him (they're practically married)). and wouldn't you know it - just like last time, he damn near had to bitch-slap some guy, this time the nugent dude from LoFD, who parked himself right in front of Knuckles and proceeded to fling his rock-n-roll hairdo all around, thus obstructing Knuckles' view. too damn funny. have to say, that was another strike against that band, as they all pseudo-moshed with each other at the front of the stage, distracting the shit out of me, anyways.

show was done at 12:15 - not bad for a school night. wish more promoters would do that during the week (fuck you, cavern, and yer goddamn 1030 start times!)