Sunday, February 7, 2010

2/4/10 - Dust Congress, Daniel Folmer, New Science Projects, Ryan Thomas Becker

An all-Denton night at Trees. K, i will admit, i journeyed down to Trees mainly to see Matthew Gray's Writer, who i absolutely love, but who apparently canceled at the last minute, which disappointed me greatly, just sayin...

When I got there, Ryan Thomas Becker was playing, solo. K, make no mistake, RTB is a fucking genius, enough said. Sure, not quite as ass-kicking as when he's playing in RTB2, but still, such an amazing talent, he's a definite must-see. So do it. "My cannonball, my cannonball..." Next up was New Science Projects. My position on this dude is well documented, so I won't repeat myself. I'm afraid his uh, unique presentation is more suited to the intimate settings to be found in Denton. In the wide-open Deep Ellum venue in which he found himself, his style was mostly lost on the (scant) crowd. My opinion only, i assure you.
Next up was Daniel Folmer, who I've seen multiple times before. I remember nothing of his set, I'm afraid. I'm sorry, it was just one of those nights.
Same goes for Dust Congress, who I've enjoyed many times before.