Tuesday, June 8, 2010

5/29/10 - Curvette, Quiet Company, Holy Fiction, Goldilocks and the Rock

Goldilocks and the Rock (Denton). Just two dudes, one on geetar, one on drums. Guitar/vocalist couldn't bear to face the audience, it seemed, something that always seems to annoy me. Plus which, he was auto-tuning the SHIT out of his vocals (despite Jay-Z declaring it dead and all), and I couldn't figure out if that was some sort of hyper-ironic statement that i was missing, or what. Bizarro, is what it was.

Holy Fiction (Houston). Been too long, folks. Iphone says "decent". Sorry.
Quiet Company (Austin). Always had a soft spot for QC, despite their endless and annoying myspace pestering. Good stuff.
Curvette (Denton). Truth be told, i slept thru most of their set, so i'll refrain from offering an opinion.

6/5/10 - Friendo, Nervous Curtains, George Quartz

...at the Lounge.

George Quartz (Dallas?). This dude was formerly the frontman of Faux Fox, and if you can't figure that out from watching him, you just haven't been paying attention. Very similar in style to FF, and you know that's not my thing, but i'll be damned if i wasn't intrigued & entertained by his digitized nonsense and in-your-face stage presence. Entertaining for sure, i'll say that. Plus, it's nice to see that Tom Cruise has finally come out, and has a solid side gig between movie projects.
Nervous Curtains (Dallas). You know i love it. Bought me the CD and the t-shirt.
Friendo (Calgary). Yea, wasn't knocked out by these guys, but it's good to see the Donger still workin' after all these years. Also in their favor - the 'Most Awesomest Jorts Ever' award. Congrats!

5/31/10 - Plants and Animals, Lost in the Trees, Lazy Native

...at Hailey's. The Les Savy Fan made it out, too, being as how he's a big Plants and Animals fan.

Lazy Native (Denton). Hmm, yea, they were OK. Everyone trying WAY to hard to sell it, tho, especially the Tambourine Man. Too funny.
Lost in the Trees (Chapel Hill). Oh my effin gawd, these guys were INCREDIBLE. One of the best sets I've seen in a long time. After their first song, the LSF texts me, "how great is this?", and i reply "fucking. AWESOME. worth the trip alone". three - count 'em, three strings on stage - two cellos and a violin, plus a part-time accordion/french horn (nice!)/xylophone, and tuba. Unfuckingbelievable. Amazingly moving chamber folk rock, with spine-tingling vocals from the accordion player. came down into the audience for their last few songs - always an awesome move, in my opinion, and i'm not just saying that cuz i happened to hold the xylophone for one of the songs :). Bought both the CD and a t-shirt afterwards. Amazing, amazing stuff. Not to be missed. Plants and Animals (Montreal) headlined. Totally fucking awesome.

5/26/10 - Clem Snide, Heligoats, MATAS

Matthew and the Arrogant Sea (Denton). Awesome, as usual. Seemed like they changed up the set from the last time i saw 'em - more of the old-style, folky MATAS, with less of the new-style rock-based stuff i've heard lately. Maybe they tailored the set to the Clem Snide crowd? Whatever - i loved it. The Heligoats (Washington). Saw these guys back in February and fell in love. "Quirky, catchy, smart, funny" is how i described them. This set confirmed my opinion (and love). Absolute genius. Chris once again had hilarious preambles for many of his songs (I'd repeat them here, but they're all of the 'you had to be there' variety). Fantastic set.
Clem Snide (Nashville). I dono - couldn't really connect with these guys. Wanted to - there was some really pretty stuff, with some great harmonies, but it just didn't happen. Probly just a touch too country for me.