Tuesday, June 8, 2010

6/5/10 - Friendo, Nervous Curtains, George Quartz

...at the Lounge.

George Quartz (Dallas?). This dude was formerly the frontman of Faux Fox, and if you can't figure that out from watching him, you just haven't been paying attention. Very similar in style to FF, and you know that's not my thing, but i'll be damned if i wasn't intrigued & entertained by his digitized nonsense and in-your-face stage presence. Entertaining for sure, i'll say that. Plus, it's nice to see that Tom Cruise has finally come out, and has a solid side gig between movie projects.
Nervous Curtains (Dallas). You know i love it. Bought me the CD and the t-shirt.
Friendo (Calgary). Yea, wasn't knocked out by these guys, but it's good to see the Donger still workin' after all these years. Also in their favor - the 'Most Awesomest Jorts Ever' award. Congrats!

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