Wednesday, April 21, 2010

4/15/10 - Telegraph Canyon, The Orbans

Part of Spune's free concert series at Lochrann's in Frisco (awesome idea, by the way, Senor Spune...)

The Orban's (formerly Peter Black and The Lifters, for those of you who have a hard time keeping up with the times) opened. Seen them a number of times. Still love Peter's voice - truly awesome. Really enjoyed their set. (Maybe a few too many covers? Yea, maybe.)
Telegraph Canyon headlined. My 7th time to see them?? Who knows. What I do know: they are Absolute. Fucking. Genius. No more to be said.
(Ok, maybe one more thing to be said: Chris - what happened to The Beard??)

4/10/10 - Mr. Gnome, Low Line Caller, Legs Against Arms the mothereffin Cavern. Dono for the life of me why Mr. Gnome chooses to play this effing stinking arsehole of a venue, but as long as they do, i will be there...

Legs Against Arms (Austin) opened. Dug it just fine, that's what i remember. Some really nice indie piano/guitar pop. next up was Low Line Caller (also from Austin). Dug these guys too. Sorta Muse-ish, is what i remember. Tho i have a problem with a lead singer who don't do nuffin but sang (seems kinda pretentious to me, just sayin), I liked 'em anyways, i did.
oh my effing gawd - Mr. Gnome (Cleveland) - Simply. Fucking. Amazing. I think every time I see these two (fourth time now?), i grow to appreciate them more. Absolutely phenomenal.