Wednesday, April 21, 2010

4/10/10 - Mr. Gnome, Low Line Caller, Legs Against Arms the mothereffin Cavern. Dono for the life of me why Mr. Gnome chooses to play this effing stinking arsehole of a venue, but as long as they do, i will be there...

Legs Against Arms (Austin) opened. Dug it just fine, that's what i remember. Some really nice indie piano/guitar pop. next up was Low Line Caller (also from Austin). Dug these guys too. Sorta Muse-ish, is what i remember. Tho i have a problem with a lead singer who don't do nuffin but sang (seems kinda pretentious to me, just sayin), I liked 'em anyways, i did.
oh my effing gawd - Mr. Gnome (Cleveland) - Simply. Fucking. Amazing. I think every time I see these two (fourth time now?), i grow to appreciate them more. Absolutely phenomenal.

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