Saturday, December 29, 2007

12/28/07 - Future Cast, The Campaign, JOsh weathers Band

hey hey hey people!! this one should be shoert, cuz i'm pretty wasted asnd unable to expound on the usual matters like i usually do. lucky for you, i think!!

knuckles was the designated driver - you are my hereo, knuckels!!!

started out at hooligans on the sdquare. god i love the square!!! i mean i really love it thtere. hooligans was nice, and so was teh waitress sam. got. loaded. up!!! thanks, tk, you are my hereo, too!!!!

went to haileys then. first was josh weathers band, a southern rock sorta band. lotsa bluesy pop rock numbers, the kind that gets the ladies dancin. gotta love em for that if nothin else. some really good stuff.

lotsa delicious scenery. lotsa evidence of my short people theory, too.

damn near had a crowd of friendds there, what with joe the boy toy and batman and wifey, plus tk and knuckles. itwas great!!!

next up was the campaign, who i'd seen before at my beloved club dada. some more great stuff, piano-led bluesy pop. gawd i cant stand covers - they played the billy joel cvoer again(movin out), and i had to fuckn leave the place until they were done. i mean actually leave the fuckin place!! man thats weird, but thats the way i am. other than that, i loved their set, once again. some kick ass stuff.

tk almost got his ass kicked by some hot blonde. hahahahaha!!!! wtf????

last up was the future cast. formerly the barons, and if you like Muse, you'll like them. very very similar. uh, very. i like muse, so i was amused (ha!). but i'm afraid they'll need to define their own sound if they're gonna make it further.

hey! finally there's somewhre to go in denton for eats at 2 in the mornin!! somewhere called fuzzy's or somethin like that just south of dans silverleaf. a taco joint sorta like tin star, except cheaper. damn good stuiff- check it oot!! skip the fuckin hot sauce, tho. thats my advice. oh, and their bathroom works just fine.


mebbe sean k and bridges and blinking lights tomorrow at the doublewide...

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

12/26/07 - Max, Broose (@ the fucking Cavern)

omigod have i mentioned how much i HATE THE FUCKING CAVERN???? jesus christ if i never set foot in that place again i'll be a happy man. cmon, spune, cant you find a different venue?? cheezus.

tonight was an example of me tryin to force one in. couldnt really find a good show, but i needed to feed the beast, and i liked what i heard on Mur's myspace page (who Max the headliner was a part of), so i thot what the hell. bad decision, and not really the acts' fault(s). the cavern is just not the place for intimate, acoustic geetar/piano solo acts, what with all the fucking glamour girls with their fucking pointy shoes sipping their fucking white wine talking about their fucking iphones they got for christmas, yakking louder than the fucking band, then when the music stops, turning around and screaming woohoo like they were actually fucking listening to the music. goddam, i hate that place. yeah, those people are probably at other venues too, but at least at those places there's room for them to socialize somewhere else, instead of right in fuckin front of me.

broose opened up, just him and his geetar, some nice songs, some above-average geetar work. really nice. notfernothin, but he looked like he was separated at birth from Will Arnett from SNL, except with bleach-blonde hair. wore some sort of lederhosen with elfin boots. nice stuff, from what i could hear over the din.

max, from Mur, was next. started out solo on the pianer. nice husky, low voice (sorta heard joe cocker sometimes). switched to geetar after a few songs. joined by friend with electric a while later. again, some really nice songs, and i dug his voice, but goddam, it got impossible to ignore the fucking crowd after his first few. had some dickwad in an oh-so-hip-and-ironic crocheted grandma hat practically back himself on top of me. couldnt take any more, so i left.

and the search for the next show begins...