Tuesday, April 22, 2008

This Saturday Night at Club Dada

Got this email from Dave of The Felons about this saturday night at dada. check it oot: 8 bands, smoke-free, art, and only 5 buck! gonna be a great night...

Join Lovie and El Gato and our friends....to help us raise awareness about the fight for a cure for Cystic Fibrosis... You'll find all the details in the attached flier -- but here's a recap:
Saturday, April 26thClub Dada in Deep Ellum - 2720 Elm Street
Music, Art Auctions start at 9:oopm SHARP!

$5 minimum donation at the door - the entry cost is low.. BUT BRING YOUR MONEY!!!! THERE WILL BE LOTS OF GOODIES ONCE YOU'RE INSIDE!:

* The first opportunity to buy the UltraViolet Benefit CD which features 20 Dallas musicians and Sebadoh ($15 - includes 11 previously unreleased tracks)
* fabulous arts auction of works from more than 35 artists/photographers
* cash-n-carry photo booth
* tshirt silk screening (with the ultraviolet logo)

Here's the band line-up:
outside stage - 9:00-9:20pm - disconnected in 73
inside stage - 9:25-9:45pm - Blue Petal
outside stage - 9:50-10:15pm - Lovie
(auctions end at 10pm)
inside stage - 10:20-10:50pm - Sunward
outside stage - 10:55-11:25pm - The Felons
(auctions end at 11pm)
inside stage - 11:30-12:00pm - El Gato
(auctions end at midnight)
outside stage - 12:05-12:35 - Bridges and Blinking Lights
inside stage - 12:35-1:15ish- Wonderfool

If you can't make it but would like to pre-order the UltraViolet Benefit CD, you can find links to the UltraViolet E-Store at:www. myspace. com/ultraviolet_rockforcf OR www. myspace. com/lovie

Otherwise... we'll see you there! And please feel free to share this email with your friends!
Lovie and El Gato

Monday, April 21, 2008

4/12/08 - Drunks with Guns...

...or, Adventures in Binge Drinking II.

due to an overwhelming outcry (meaning one drunk said somethin), i am writing up the events of april 12th, when there werent no good shows to go to... be forewarned - this one is real inside, mainly for my buddies...

so it was saturday, and there werent no good shows to go to (i mean it was a baaad saturday), so we all decided to head over to the piledriver's house to drink oh-so-heavily in celebration of his marriage to Swamp Boy. jus kiddin (they're only engaged). here's what i remember:

in attendance: me, tk, the piledriver and his randy little dog, & swamp boy.

Swamp Boy tried to kill us all by servin us uncooked pork products. blarch. thanks be to jeebus we had all that alcyhol in us.

waaaay too many masturbatory sock jokes from them military types. what a sick bunch.

we all proved we truly have a Death Wish by stumbling into the piledriver's Gun Room and alternately fondling and ogling his private arsenal. jeebus chrust, i know where i'm headin when armageddon hits. all hail Lord Piledriver! um, soory aboot the whole "glow-in-the-dark lefty" thing. heh heh. it's Lord Lefty from now on.

got a demonstration of krav maga techniques when lord lefty attacked his punching bag thingy in his dining room (he has a very, uh, unique decorating sense). jeebus chrust II, i wouldnt wanna make that dude mad - methinks he has some Anger Issues. or maybe there's some freudian thing goin on there, being as how his gym bag is One Giant Phallic Symbol.

went out to the garage to check out lord lefty's motocycle, which has a color scheme meant to show his support of the gay rights movement.

once again - lotsa great music from our ipods. treated my buds to a rousing performance of "clint eastwood", although not memorized. workin on it...

used our favorite toy to gauge our drunkenness (not that we were even thinkin of drivin - 'twas just for fun), and the piledriver lord lefty proved he was twice the man of the rest of us by blowin a manly .08 to our piddly .04s.

crashed in a spare room, leavin his rat-fink dog free reign to piss on my bag of dvds. thanks, bitch.