Tuesday, June 8, 2010

5/26/10 - Clem Snide, Heligoats, MATAS

Matthew and the Arrogant Sea (Denton). Awesome, as usual. Seemed like they changed up the set from the last time i saw 'em - more of the old-style, folky MATAS, with less of the new-style rock-based stuff i've heard lately. Maybe they tailored the set to the Clem Snide crowd? Whatever - i loved it. The Heligoats (Washington). Saw these guys back in February and fell in love. "Quirky, catchy, smart, funny" is how i described them. This set confirmed my opinion (and love). Absolute genius. Chris once again had hilarious preambles for many of his songs (I'd repeat them here, but they're all of the 'you had to be there' variety). Fantastic set.
Clem Snide (Nashville). I dono - couldn't really connect with these guys. Wanted to - there was some really pretty stuff, with some great harmonies, but it just didn't happen. Probly just a touch too country for me.


Matthew R said...

i was their man... and you're right, The heligoats where way better, over the top better than Clem Snide... but it is Clem Snide on tour that got The Heligoats to come back to dallas and Chris Otepka was playing guitar with them for the entire tour to include 8 days in Spain which is awesome...

i suggest giving Clem Snide another try as soon as you can... that night Eef Brazaley where excessively drunk.

Steve M said...

Ha! So that would explain why he couldn't manage to tune his guitar at one point. Took ten minutes of fumbling around, help from Chris, etc. I thought he was just incompetent. :)