Sunday, October 21, 2007

10/20/07 - Chemistry Set, Phil Marshall, Hundred Inevitables

wow. totally cool night. totally cool. now let me try to remember why.
went to club dada to see chemistry set. picked up tk on the way. had to preternd to be sober in front of his fam. think i pulled it off.

woohoo - found parking spot right on front of dada - like i's royaltry or somethin. wow, beard is at the door, said he was like one day out of icu or somethin. jesus what a tough mother. super nice guy. check out the benefit shew:

listened to phil marshall - from UK, actually heard him before at rockhouse live. fantastic stuff, 4-man band, one acoustic one electric, voice altering tween gravely and falsetto, some great electric guitar work. really nice guitar pop. really dug it. tony bot the cd.

saw amanda there from and now part owner of dada. tony the bitch drags me over to meet her befpre i'm wasted enough but she is super nice. says she loves my blog (??!!?!?!), hloy shit. says "you're adventures in live music?? i thot you'd be some 20-something hipster!". hahahahaa is that an insult or not??? i dono. she was so nice - gave me the jd whittenburg cd (thanks, amanda, i don't think i said that!), we talked aboot the music scene and bloggers a bit, it was so totally cool. she said i was on the list at the door since i was linked off her page - holy shit ami actually sort of part of teh scene now?? too cool. way too cool. wish i could remember the whole conversation (maybe tomorrow). jesus i think i said somethin about a midlife crisis or some shit. how pathetic.

then saw the hundred inevitables out of dallas. have to admit - first song, wasn't so sure - thot, this is your lead vocalist? are you kidding me? pretty weak start, but got much stronger as the set went on. 4-man, with lead sometimes on keybds, sometimes just singin. great pop songs. nice backing vocals from guitarist. at one point looked at tony and said, am i wasted or is this really great? he said they were great, so there you go. would definitely like to see again.

i absolutely love dada. deep ellum, i know, but i like that place so mcuh better than lower greenville, where there's so many fuckin cops you think you're only one stumble away from gettin busted or towed or filmed by fuckin avi adelman. plus dada has that fantastic outdoor patio where you can chill between sets and listen to yer buddy's philisophical ramblings about frequencies and resonances and shit. such a great place.

pretty sparse crowd there, however. mebbe everyone was at the carter benefit show, i dono. all the bands gave it their all, tho, i'll say that.

last was the chemistry set, and i have to admit that i've lost all ability to be objective about them - i fuckin love this band. they could have the shittiest set ever, and i would love it, cuz i know and love all the songs. their songwriting is phenomenal, i dono what else to say. buy the cd, you'll see. such a notch above the rest.

talked to meredith (keybds) afterwards, and she was sweet enough to front me their first cd. watched tk fail Wingman 101 miserably as he talked to her aboot all the things they had in common, like drawing schlongs and such.

now it is sleepy time...

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DomeDwellr said...

Deep Ellum, Dada, and all 3 bands were very good to us Sat night.