Saturday, November 24, 2007

11/23/07 - The Peekers, jean-eric, Marcus Rubio

after watchin my aggies kick some longhorn ass at the infamous mckinney tavern, i found myself on my way to club dada at 6fuckin30 to meet up with batman and his crew to see hard day's night. easily the earliest i've ever been to deep ellum. wasnt expectin a cover for these jokers but there was one. fuckers played for like 4 freakin hours, one boring-ass beatles song after another. yeah, yeah, the were goodat what ttehy were doin, and they sure got the ladies dancin, but come on, how many fuckin times do you wanna hear those same fuckin beatles songs?? jesus, enough is enough, i say. after they weer finally done (like 1015, no shit!), went to zini's to get some pizza, served by the far-out lookin but insanely cute goth chick who i determined would be my girffriend in an alternate universe. nuf about that. batman damn near ate pizza off the floor, he was so hungry. wouldve liked to have seen that, i can tell you.

back at dada, marcus rubio took the stage, and let me tell you, this dude has some major talent. one-man band (18-year-old!), plays a lot of violin (which i'm always a sucker for), uses effects and loops and such. would play the violin, put it in a loop, then whip out acoustic geetar to accompany. many-layered songs. great stuff. (batman was offended that music was comin out the speakers while he wasnt touchin an instrument. good grief, batman, its called tech-no-lo-gy, thats how a one-man band has a kickass show when he's only a one-man band). voice not exactly the best, a tad whiny (might've been straining cuz of the venue), but it worked. really enjoyed the set.

next up was jean-eric, who are apparently cronies of the peekers. jesus christ what are they supposed to be? i sure as hell dont know. alternative-lifestyle dude and chick in 50's glasses, rappin white-man style to tracks on their ipod. does the carpet match the drapes? does the carpet match the drapes? thats all i member. just aboot killed me. and yes, eric informs us, his carpet does indeed match his drapes. blarch!

last up was the peekers, from shreveport. 6-man (uh, with two chicks, soory). dono what their deal was, but they did not seem to give a shit about their performance. lots of shitty-ass singin, damn near caterwaulin is what i'd call it, bandmembers singing out of tune with each other (i dont think on purpose), callin up people from the audience to add to the cacophany (yea, thats what we need - lets get eric from jean-eric to sing with us, he can make us sound even more disjointed!), guitars screechin, barely a melody to be found, people more interested in drinkin and smokin onstage than actually performing. i dono, i couldnt take it. left early. now keep in mind i'd been drinkin since 230, so i was pretty ragged out at that point, and my patience was pretty thin. maybe thats their schtick, all chaos-y disjointed happy-go-lucky shit (tho no one seemed happy), but i just didn't get it. i tried to stick it out, hopin it would get better, but it never did (plus my ride was walkin out the door).

ah well, left with a big smile on my face anyways.

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inarchetype said...

Hey- I was there that night. The peakers are good. I think they were probably PO'd that they drove three hours to DaDa on thanksgiving, played for like fifteen warm bodies (half of whom were from shreveport), and had to drive four hours back. Give 'em another chance. They've really got something... And no, I'm not one of their buddies. I just happened to stagger down there from Capitol Pub because my brother from Austin wanted to catch some music. Frankly, I was ashamed for my town that one of our most storied towns couldn't come up with a turnout.
Agree on Jean-Eric. Had there been more people there, they would have been a waste. As it was, they were an amusing distraction (went on a bit long, though).