Saturday, December 8, 2007

12/6/07 - Smile Smile, Calhoun, Frontier Brothers (Cavern)

writin this WAY too long after the event, just so you know...

frontier brothers - 3-man (guitar, keys, drums (no bass)). definite beatles influence, some space-pop and power-pop. lead vocals a bit unconventional (smiths-like?), not my fav. some good stuff, just didn't connect with me.

Calhoun - read one of my prior reports to see how much i dig calhoun. i do have to say, tho - this performance wasn't quite as magical as the dada show. dono why, mebbe the environment ( i hate the cavern), mebbe the sound system - not sure. still a great set.

Smile Smile - listened to a couple songs, but since i'd already heard them twice, and it was really late on a weeknight, i split.

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