Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Recs for this week

hory sheet, what with the time change and all, plus all these mid-week late-night SXSW-y shows to go to, i'm afeered my performance at work might be in jeopardy (sorry, boss). not to mention the punishment my liver is about to endure. here are my recs for the rest of this week:

Wednesday night:
dreamend, ezra furman, aaron robinson, xyz affair at the cavern


cloud cult/my brightest diamond/kid dakota at the granada

Thursday night:
white rabbits, minmae at the cavern

Friday night:
sydney confirm/d numbers/sunward at dada


Birdmonster/Red Monroe at doublewide

Saturday night
dono yet, but here's a charity event bein played by my buddy batman and his band (that's him on the right - ain't he superhero-ish?):

lotus/damian giglio/beating around the bush/1000 miles from home at the liquid lounge

poor man's sxsw at club dada, tho i haven't seen the line-up yet

so hey, if you see a middle-aged un-hipster undergoing liver failure and zonked out in a bar at some point this week, just poke me a few times, and i'll be on my way. my boss'll thank you.

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