Sunday, April 27, 2008

4/25/08 - State Bird, Midwinter Fits, Tiger!

yea, you guessed it - went to Dada on thursday night. sure wish the whole early-start thing would catch on everywhere - it sure makes it nice (or at least, easier) for us workin stiffs.

was very excited - actually found somewhere to park for free down there (screw you, i aint tellin). jeebus chrust, how pathetic is it that i get a chubby over savin two bucks for a parkin meter? ah, me.

First up was Tiger!, which was just Andy on piano that night (no drummer). My third time to see him, and it was easily my favorite of all three. Dono if it was cuz he did covers that i didn't know, or more of his own stuff, but it definitely felt more heartfelt and emotional that night. Some really good stuff. talked to Andy afterwards and told him i'd really love to hear more of his own stuff. Dude has a gift, and he needs to start sharin it.
so andy - get after it. make us cry.

next up was midwinter fits, who i also saw two weeks ago (see writeup here). once again, some really beautiful mellow folk rock tunes. seemed like they were havin a hard time gettin tuned, and why it was all on-mic i dono (i'm not savvy bout those sortsa things). if i had to offer one suggestion, i would say that, at least once or twice during the set, they should crank it up a bit, let that electric guitar loose, and pin your ears back (calhoun-style). but that's just me. still, a really nice set.

Last up was state bird, from ohio, who was a nice surprise. based on the small amount i'd heard, i expected straight-forward folk rock, but what i heard was far from that. kind of hard to describe, actually - definitely folk-rock based, but more complex than that - some songs almost straight rock, then the next, they'd whip out the accordian. some strangely structured songs, too. very creative. really enjoyed it.

yes, as you can see, i've found a way to waste even more time doin this blog thing, by taking and posting pics (bleebe me, addin pics on sux balls). well, i used to be into photography, and so. plus which, no one can stop me.

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