Sunday, June 8, 2008

6/7/08 - Matthew and the Arrogant Sea, Florene, Daniel Folmer

jeebus chrust what an incredible line-up tonight at dan's silverleaf, a place i have to say, i usually associate with high cover charges and alt-country acts. but tonight they totally nailed it. absolutely perfect line-up. first up was daniel folmer, and hells yeah, this guy has Something Special. seen a lot of great pub for this dude, and liked what i heard on myspace, so i was really lookin forward to his set, and he did not disappoint. jeezchrist, how can such a young dude write such mature and soul-searching songs? played sometimes wif an acoustic, sometimes electric. had friend playin keyboards, too. definitely had Technical Problems, some amp buzzin so loud it threatened to drown him out, so some songs he played totally unplugged wif no mic or nothin. eventually figured it out, tho. anyhows, really loved what he was doin up there. instantly wanted to buy the cd, which i did later, just droppin the money into his briefcase and takin the cd, jeezus i hope he got it.
next up was Florene, and jeezus. effing. christ. please, for the love of all that is holy, go see this band. seen them 3 or 4 times now, and they have gotten exponentially better each time. in-fucking-credible. second song they played - orgasmic. i swear to gawd i almost came in my pants. ok, not really, but you get the point. incredible aural collage of guitar, synths, filtered vocals, beats, etc, etc, all from only two dudes (and a shitload of equipment). totally awesome. methinks aaron definitely has some Performance Artist in him, pulling a black silk stocking over his head and face part way thru for a couple songs, then smearing white makeup on it to form a face - LOVE that shit. reminded me of laurie anderson, someone he's prolly never heard of, but should. talked to Gavin afterwards and bot their cd, too. can't wait to see them on the 20th at dada. made their way into my top 5, they did. last up was Matthew and the Arrogant Sea, who as you know, are already in my top 5. was disappointed with their short set last week at RGRS, and verbally pelted one of the MATAS guitarists with that oh-so-important bit of information as he was takin a whiz, and he said they got fucked over at that show or somethin - wonder what that story is. anywho, there were no such problems tonight - they played all the ones i wanted to hear. i swear, when these guys get rockin, there is no denying their amazing musical abilities and awesome songwriting. of special note for me tonight - the guitar playing of this dude. amazing. also - as usual - matthew's vocals - emotion-filled, gut-wrenching, powerful, transcendant. quick story - one time i saw MATAS on a sunday night, and matthew asked the crowd - anyone go to church this morning? then he said, "yeah, me neither - this is my church". and i thot, hell yeah - you have no idea how much that resonates with me. anyhow, i loved every second of their set, can't wait to see them again. all in all, a fantastic night in denton...


Anonymous said...

It was Aaron that pulled the black silk stocking over his head.

Steve M said...

ya, i figured out i had their names backwards yesterday, but didn't get it fixed everywhere. got mixed up cuz i coulda swore i heard Gavin say "he's gavin, i'm aaron". too much vodker, maybe.