Friday, August 15, 2008

Weekend picks

after a little time off wif da kiddos, it's time to venture out again:

tonight (Friday), you'll find me listening to the twisted, tormented, but always tuneful stylings of Mr. Sean Kirkpatrick (winner of a DOMA for best instrumentalist, you know) at Hailey's:

not so sure about the rest of the line-up, but hopefully it'll be worth the trip.

another decent show: Whiskey Folk Ramblers and 100 Damned Guns at Dan's:

Saturday night's kinda up in the air. Might be goin to a private-party/gallery-opening (oo-la-la). Wouldn't mind seein Baboon at the Dee-dub, but dono if it's worth goin just for them:

if you like the bluesy sorta stuff, you can't miss with this show:

and if you likes the alt-country:

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