Tuesday, December 2, 2008

11/28/08 - Backsliders, Scott McCurry Band, Escort Service, Doug Adams

still tryin to catch up, so - short and sweet

went to the lakewood bar and grill, wif knuckles and the les savy fan. knew it would be a rough show for me, but knuckles is a big backsliders fan, and i couldn't find anything else.

$4.50 for a vodker/cran. oo!oo, LBG.

doug adams was up first - solo acoustic. nice voice, nice songs. too many covers. escort service - omg, i really don't like these guys. seen them three or four times now (only because they happened to be on the bill), and they get harder to take every time.

scott mccurry band - pretty good stuff, sorta bluesy pop. enjoyed it at first, but holy shite did they go on and on. they must've thot they were headlining. swear to gawd it must've been an hour and 15 minutes. started drivin me crazy, what with all the covers they had to throw in to go that long. ended up leavin, sittin in my car, waiting for knuckles to text me that they were done.

the backsliders were the actual headliners. seen them multiple times. not really a big fan. i recognize that they are very good at what they do, but i'm just not interested in the overdone rock-n-roll hyperbole any more. just my opinion, mind you. got to see the LSF in action, plying his craft on unsuspecting females ('though he was getting some stiff competition from a gordon keith look-alike). knuckles was busy getting hit on by the over-40 BBW demographic. good times.

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