Tuesday, January 20, 2009

1/10/09 - Hendrick, The Campaign, Sounds Under Radio

headed to the granada with Sunshine, my new lady friend (no, i am not kidding).

Sounds Under Radio was up first. these are the guys i missed t'other weekend in denton cuz i was uh, otherwise occupied. and unfortunately, i missed most of their set this time, too, being as how we were late, and the granada actually starts on time (imagine that!). anyhows, i heard three or four songs, and really dug it. only three guys on stage - no drummer - i must've missed that explanation. definitely derivative of radiohead, but that's cool, cuz i dig radiohead. would definitely like to catch a full set of theirs.
the campaign was next. seen them ages ago, and thought they were great, and that opinion was reaffirmed saturday night. as i said before, that dude can wail on that piano. very energetic, entertaining front-man with a great voice. loved it. and thank gawd, they changed their one cover song from billy joel to Cake.
hendrick was up last. i've seen them many times (cuz they seem to end up in line-ups with bands i like), but i've never really fallen in love with them, and saturday night continued that trend. to tell you the truth, after the dynamic set by the campaign, hendrick bored us a bit. we left after a few songs.

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Jeff Kauffman Jr said...

touche on the campaign write up. i saw them at the loft with the scott mccurry band.

its too bad most of their shows are in cow town(ftw)