Monday, February 1, 2010

1/30/10 - All the Day Holiday, Kinch, The City Lives RGRS

The City Lives (OKC) - fantastic energy, infectious emo/powerpop, kind of a harder-edged Dashboard Confessional. Loved the harmonies. Fabulously talented group. Absolutely loved it. Kinch (Phoenix) - holy shite, was i surprised by this band. Didn't expect much, based on the myspace page (was expecting nerd-pop), but my gawd, what a show they put on. Super-high energy piano pop, very catchy, yet complex. Fantastic. Totally sucked me in. Didn't want the set to end. The two leads separated at birth from...each other.
All the Day Holiday (Cincinnati) headlined. Some really nice soaring, anthemic emo-ish pop. Funny, this is the band i came to see (saw 'em a while back at Club Dada and loved 'em), but they came in third that night. Not that they weren't good, they just somehow paled slightly in comparison to the first two bands. Still really enjoyed it, tho.

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