Tuesday, May 4, 2010

4/24/10 - The Hope Trust, Fate Lions, Red 100s, Jacob Metcalf

Jacob Metcalf (denton). Very nice. Great violin (was that really a giant tattoo on her face?). Suitcase as bass drum - cool. Wonderful harmonies from the drummer. Nice clarinet (don't say THAT too often). only advice? skip the part where you bring yer friends up on stage to play/shake the popsicle sticks. very distracting, and it wasn't making any sound i could hear. really enjoyed the set. easily the highlight of the evening for me.
Red 100s (Denton). Ugh - not my thing at all. 3-man bluesy hendrix-like guitar rock. Good at what they were doin, just not for me.

Fate Lions (Denton?). Don't remember much. The note i wrote on my iphone - "Ugh. Completely ordinary."The Hope Trust (Denton). Ya, sure, some nice americana-tinged pop.

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