Saturday, May 15, 2010

5/13/10 - Foe Destroyer, Smile Smile

again, at Lochrann's in Frisco, gawd bless Mr Spune. The Les Savy Fan showed, too, and unleashed his considerable charms on the helpless suburban female crowd. Look out.

Smile Smile was up first. Really enjoyed it, great stuff. Was shocked by how many songs of theirs i seemed to know. Only advice? Quit with the whole 'we-used-to-be-boyfren/girlfren, but we broke up and now we just verbally pick at each other during our set, isn't that funny?' thing. it's tired. i heard that shtick two years ago, and it just seems forced now. your music is good enough without it. just my two cents, which ain't worth even that.
Foe Destroyer headlined. former members of Oso Closo, i understand. Kept thinkin Weezer, but probly cuz of all of the BC glasses on display. 'twas OK.

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