Saturday, October 9, 2010

8/23/10 - Delta Mirror, Grassfight, Phantom Caste

At Haileys.

Phantom Caste (Ft Worth) - Pretty standard but solid echo-y rock. Nice falsetto on lead. Overly phallic stand for keyboard. Haircut 100 dude on guitar. Note to guitar player - sipping a drink on stage (complete with lime wedge still on the side of the glass), THROUGH A STRAW? Not likely to inspire the females in the audience. Just sayin, from one highball-drinkin' guy to another. Ur welcome. Grassfight (Dallas) - seen them a few times now, and I always enjoy it, but for some reason, the over-use of the bullhorn got on my nerves this night. Delta Mirror (LA) - lots of recorded electro backing tracks, and very earnest vocals. Was mesmerized by the bass player, who i swear is the Hobbit dude from that episode of The Office (you know, Ryan's friend in NYC), who was wearing a stocking cap in the middle of august. Pretty sure he has special powers. Wasn't overly captivated by the muzak, however. Well, Haircut 100 dug it, anyways.


Anonymous said...

haha wow you are one hell of a douchebag.

Heather said...

It would be nice if you commented more on the actual music. You should probably stop thinking about cocks and penis shaped objects and concentrate more on the music. Phantom Caste and Grassfight are both great bands. People don't typically go to shows and concentrate on who people look like and whether or not the keyboard stand looks like a cock.

John F said...

I'm sorry you were so angry at the world on this particular night. I hope your pitiful life is getting better.

Steve M said...


and to think - i actually *enjoyed* this show. Go figure.